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July 2015

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First Birthday Party!

Our little baby turned one at the end of June. ONE! We’ve all been living with this little person for twelve months and it hasn’t always been heart eye emojis (thank you teething and missed nap times).

I had grand visions of having a cute pink flamingo themed birthday party for the babe. By the time I got around to ordering party supplies all the plastic flamingo lawn statues disappeared off the internet (even Amazon) and even Party City was sold out of these totally adorable pink, mylar flamingo shaped balloon. Yikes! Oh, well. First birthday parties are for the benefit of the child’s parents so we just went with low-key decor and a simple menu with our family members that were available to help celebrate the little lady.

Here’s some pictures of her day. Pink streamers and paper lanterns here and there with a few touches of blue and black and white to break things up. Sorry for the over posting of those adorable pink flamingo straws but I had to.

Dinner was salmon tacos and salad. She had cute pink cupcakes made by a friend and a cute cake from Rubicon Bakery that we bought from Whole Foods. It’s a tradition that the girls always have the number that they are turning on their cake and a vintage looking ballet dancer cake topper (we have a rainbow of colors.) I was so surprised she kept her birthday hat on for a total of 60 seconds. ┬áNext year, we’re going all out…petting zoo, Ferris wheel, carousel…kidding.