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August 2015

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First Day of School

We went back to school this week! Can you believe it! I am still trying to remember what I did this summer and I had to go back to work? Say what?

The family and I do this thing called #selfieSunday. After church we sneak around to the back of the building. stand together and take a family photo. I post them on Instagram. If you’re a user, come on and follow me!

For back to school, I usually take the picture of my family. Back to school is usually a Monday, and that means it’s not my first day of school but the big girls and Coach. This time, school started on Tuesday so I got to get into the action. Holllllla.

Here is our #backtoschoolselfie, with the baby, of course. Coach is headed into his lucky number 13th year of teaching. I am headed back for my fifth year as a librarian. (Someone, get me some wood to celebrate.) Our oldest girl is going into 7th and the perfect middle child of me is headed into 4th. Time is flying. I’m sure I’ll say the same thing when the baby goes into Pre-K and then kindergarten.

IMG_2818And, the real celebration came tonight because guess what? This sometimes housewife COOKED DINNER! First, do you have a pressure cooker? Game changer. I will write about that later. A few nights ago, I cooked chicken breasts in the pressure cooker. We had a few leftover breasts so I made some chicken enchiladas. And everyone acted like I was The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond. And I soaked it in. And even picked up a little country accent, “y’all want seconds?”

The icing on the cake? I made a batch of cookies for our church hospitality team last week, refrigerated¬†the leftover dough and I threw them in the oven after the enchiladas came out of the oven.¬†WHO AM I??? I don’t even know right now, but I’m gonna roll with it!


Did you have any super-housewife moments this week? Share them with me so we can all be inspired!


Summer Book List (or the books I didn’t get to read this summer)

I was the worst this summer! I made all these promises to myself of all these books I was going to read and then school started today and I hardly read any.

I did read Landline by Rainbow Rowell. It was worth it. And it made me smile. And sigh deeply with contentment.

I did read Pretty Ugly by Kirker Butler. It was wildly inappropriate and had me giggling uncontrollably.

I decided that I needed to read Paper Towns by John Green before I could see the movie. But I didn’t see the movie because I was disappointed with the ending.

Three books. I read three books this summer, people. Ridiculous! I am a school librarian!

But let’s talk about all the books I started the last 12 months and have not finished.

The list is long. It happens because I start to read a book. I put it down because something in life happens. And I forget to pick it up.

Here is an iPhone pic of all the books I should have finished 12 months ago.

IMG_2729 (1)

Leaving Time by Jodi Piccoult. I made the mistake of attending book club before I finished this one and finding out the ending. No! I should power through and read it anyway.

The Paris Wife by Paula McLain. I have heard nothing but great things about this book. And I really need to get past the first three chapters.

To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee. Don’t judge me. This wasn’t required reading material when I was in high school or college and I never had any interest in reading about the segregated south.

The Art of Work by Jeff Goins. It’s a self-help-you’re gonna do awesome things in life-book. And I am too tired to have an awesome life right now.

Still Alice by Lisa Genova. Wasn’t the movie already nominated for an Emmy? I think it might have won? I’ll get to it. I promise. (She said with her fingers crossed behind her back).

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith. It is an award winner. And I read a 1/3 of it. Went to book club and then put it down.

The Other Wes Moore by Wes Moore. I mean, the premise of the story is there are two Wes Moore’s from the same city. One grew up in the ‘hood. And the other one didn’t. I will finish this book because this is the kind of topic that interests me.

The Immortal Life of Henriette Lacks by Rebecca Skloot. Such a serious contribution she made to the medical world. This is another book club book. And book club is next week. So I better get to reading.

Unbroken by Larua Hillenbrand. I started it. Then lost interest because it’s a story about one man’s amazing, entire life. And right now. I just can’t. And, it’s a book club book from a few years ago. Maybe it’s not me, maybe it’s book club?

Not pictured is Harry Potter. I was never a fan. So weird. I know. Don’t hate me.

So this school year, no personal goals for reading. Just maybe a book every two months? That seems reasonable. After all, I do have a very busy toddler, along with my gorgeous tween daughters and my handsome husband in my life.


She loves the school library, too. (She loves making a mess in it.) I’ll post more pictures of the library in a few weeks. It’s my home away from home. I love it.

Did you read anything recently that you fell in love with?