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Back in Summer 2016 (oh so long ago). The husband and I enrolled in Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. Scratch that I SIGNED my husband and I up for Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. This was a horrible way to spend summer  but mainly because it was summer, class was at 6 PM and 28 miles from our home and 6 PM is really the best time to hang out in your backyard blowing bubbles for your baby while your older daughters dance on the deck and ask repeatedly what’s for dinner.

BUT the experience was eye-opening because holy-cow-Batman, J and I got some money problems. Our habits are terrible.

Most of our issues are rooted in our lack of budgeting. We’re also walking into the last working quarter of our lives with PITIFUL retirement savings accounts. Phew. It feels great to say that out loud. The first step in fixing your problem is admitting you have a problem.

Anyhow. I can not recommend Dave Ramsey enough to anyone that wants to make a change with their finances. His steps aren’t an overnight solution but a disciplined approach to being a responsible handler of money.

In a nutshell you do the following:

And in between all that you learn how to do zero-based budget. You learn all this while attending classes, completing workbook assignments, putting what you’re learning into practice and having to do little accountability checks (don’t worry no one is pouring over your personal finances just doing a quick glance and answering specific questions if you have them.)

Can I tell you something? We completed classes in August and it took us until DECEMBER 2016 to be all in. We sat down and did budget meetings but for some reason last month things seemed real (cause it was Christmas and we was broke). Ridiculous, right? But with a trusty budget worksheet similar to Dave’s and some envelopes from my office supply bin we’re committed. We haven’t made any huge waves in our sea of debt but I’ll be sure to update you as we make progress.

Oh, and if you’re curious check out Total Money Makeover. Or listen to one of his podcasts via iTunes or even on his website. Hearing people do their Debt Free Scream after taking five years to pay off $350,000 in debt is really motivating. If people making less than J and I are saving $2K a month just by being serious about getting out of debt what excuse do we have?

Happy savings.


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