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Practically a year?

Oh the shame! Where have I been? Good Lord. Everywhere but blogging.

Here’s a reintroduction: My name is Kia. I am a part-time librarian. A LuLaRoe consultant (that’s where I’ve been). A wife to an art-teacher. A mom to three charming girls that I only dream about running away from when they’re moody (so once a month.). I love emojis, making chocolate-chip cookies and wearing handmade sweaters.

Last year was a wild ride where I tried to manage my normal life schedule AND I became a LuLaRoe consultant. Woowee. Me and LuLaRoe were hot and heavy for about nine months until I decided I had to take a break because book fair, planning women’s ministry events at church, and mini-session season was full speed ahead from November-December.

Anyhow. I’m happy that this space exists because I need it! I look forward to sharing with you my 2017.

Love and light,


PS Thanks to the awesome Heather Elizabeth Photography for our Fall mini-session.

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